The Structure of Parents Council Executive Body for the Academic year 2018-19 will be as follows:

15 selected parents from the 4 sections, Advisory Committee (5), Principal , Vice Principal, Academic Manager, Administrative Manager,4 HOSs, SEND Co. and the School Doctor.

  1. The Office Bearers for the current Academic year are as  follows:

Mr.Anwar TM —President.

Mr. Rejin Ninan —Secretary.

Mrs.Shylaja Chullikkal —Vice President.

Dr.Sajana Muhammed Ekbal—Joint Secretary.

Mr.Owes Zia—Treasurer.

It has all so been decided to have an Advisory Committee consisting of five Senior members headed by the Principal. Other members in the committee are Mr. Abdul Rasheedu, the Academic Manager, Mr, Mohamed Youseph, Mr. V Moosa ,Mr. Ansar & Mr. Satheesh.

The contact details of the 14 members of the  Parents Council Executive Members are as follows:

Sl. No Name of the Member E-Mail ID
1 Mr. Dr. Mohammed Aslam Khan (Principal)(Adv Committee) [email protected]
2 Mr. Abdul Rasheedu (Manager Acc & PR) (Adv Committee) [email protected]
3 Mr.Satheesh Kumar ( Adv Committee ) [email protected]
4 Mr.Mohd Yousef ( Adv Committee ) [email protected]
5 Mr. Ansari ( Adv Committee ) [email protected]
6 Mr.Anwar TM ( President ) [email protected]
7 Mrs.Shylaja Chullikkal ( Vice President ) [email protected]
8 Mr. Rejin Ninan ( Secretary ) [email protected]
9 Dr.Sajana Muhammed Ekbal ( Joint Secretary ) [email protected]
10 Mr.Owes Zia ( Treasurer ) [email protected]
11 Mrs. Nazia Zaheer ( Parents’ Council ) [email protected]
12 Mr.Ditten P.F ( Parents’ Council ) [email protected]
13 Mr.Mohammad Shadab ( Parents’ Council ) [email protected]
14 Mr. Red Lee ( Parents’ Council ) [email protected]
15 Mrs. Jafeena Kabeer ( Parents’ Council ) [email protected]
16 Mrs.Latha Baburaj (Parents’ Council ) [email protected]
17 Mrs. Mariya Tony Ferandez (Parents’ Council ) [email protected]
18 Mr.Shabu.S.S (Parents’ Council ) [email protected]
19 Mr,Mohammed Minhajudeen (Parents’ Council ) [email protected]
20 Mr.Fasal Nabi (Parents’ Council ) [email protected]
21 Mr.Mohammed Arshed (Parents’ Council ) [email protected]
22 Mr.Zahid hussain (Parents’ Council ) [email protected]
23 Mr.Muhammed Ekbal (Parents’ Council ) [email protected]
24 Mrs.Jo Tressa Shaji (Parents’ Council ) [email protected]
25 Mr. Anas Aboobakker (Parents’ Council ) [email protected]
26 Mr. Shajahan .k (Vice Principal) [email protected]
26 Mr. Fahim Ejaz (Admin Manager) [email protected]
27 Mrs. Tahseen Shaik (HoS KG) [email protected]
29 Mrs. Abhilasha Singh (HoS F/N) [email protected]
30 Mr. Antony Koshy (HoS A/N) [email protected]
31 Mrs. Supriya.Sehgal (HOS, Primary.) [email protected]
32 Mr. Liyakkath Ali (Academic Supervisor) [email protected].com
33 Mrs Fahmi Thabassam (SEND Department.) [email protected]
34 Mr. Showkat (SEND Department.) [email protected]
35 Dr.Sophiya (Director, School Clinic.) [email protected]