The Structure of Parents Council Executive Body for the Academic year 2021-22 will be as follows:

15 selected parents from the 4 sections, Advisory Committee (5), Principal, Vice Principal, Academic Manager, Administrative Manager,4 HOSs, SEND Co. and the School Doctor.

The contact details of the 20 members of the  Parents Council Executive Members are as follows:

Sl. NoName of the MemberE-MailMobile NumberRepresenting Grade
1Mrs. Karen Robinson (Principal)[email protected]509036708
2Mr. Abdul Nazar (Vice Principal)[email protected]505255288
3Mr. Satheesh Kumar[email protected]505599297Grade 12
4Mr. Mohd Yousef[email protected]504509519Grade 3
5Mr. Ubaid Rahmatullah[email protected]504926541Grade 8
6Mr. Anwar TM[email protected]555523806Grade 3
7Mrs. Ghousiabanu[email protected]543881834Grade 1
8Mr. Darpan[email protected]544068051Grade 1
9Dr. Sajana Muhammed Ekbal[email protected]505676937Grade 5
10Mr. Dineshan[email protected]561024987Grade 11
11Mr. Ashar[email protected]504779972Grade 9
12Mr. Sheik Mohd[email protected]502587473Grade 9
13Mrs. Alima Motiwala[email protected]568773642Grade 8
14Mr. Red Lee[email protected]502116102Grade6
15Mrs. Jasima Begum[email protected]507358397Grade 11
16Mr. Mukesh P P[email protected]508628050Grade 7
17Mr. Jayachandran Nair[email protected]505456266Grade 10
18Mrs. Shakira Suresh[email protected]557432483KG 2
19Mr. Anas Aboobakker[email protected]566828233K G 1
20Mr. Nizamudeen[email protected]506757680Grade 9
21Mr. Mohammed Sidhik[email protected]050 7574 755Grade 10
22Mr. Firozkhan C M[email protected]055 8781990Grade 12