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NIMS equips highly sophisticated labs for Physics, Chemistry, Biology, and Home Science. At the secondary and higher secondary levels, experiments, research works, and projects are performed by students using advanced instruments and equipment. They are encouraged to ponder over their discoveries and challenge their judgments throughout sessions.


Our life would be an unthinkable mess without the operation of computer systems. There are three computer labs in the school that is fully equipped to augment all kinds of IT concepts.


Harboring a well-equipped chemistry lab, the school offers the scope for inquisitive learning through research. Practical applications in chemistry are the fastest way to promote extensive knowledge in the field.


The Home Science Lab is a perfect zone to bring out the creative chefs in the children. Experimenting with the ingredients to create diverse cuisines is not only made informative but also joyous.


The physics lab is well set to accelerate the intellect of young ones to absolute prowess. Students are offered a comprehensive insight into the world of physical science, igniting their curiosity to conduct further experiments.


The biology lab unlocks the baffling spheres of our ecosystem using high-tech instruments. Nature is made interesting and engaging to the students through the vast collection of specimens provided.


The multimedia lab aids teachers to teach and convey their respective subjects to the children in an effective manner by attending workshops through video conferences that converge experts and educators from India.


The NIMS library serves as an epicenter to develop and cultivate reading activities in children. The staff, students and all other members of the school are ensured equitable access to a variety of information and resources. There is a direct relationship between school libraries and student achievements. Learning in an independent and peaceful space enhances the chances of success among students.
Our library houses a collection of over 15,500 books which includes subject books, dictionaries, magazines, periodicals, reference books, teaching aids, fictions, non-fictions, audiovisuals and CDs on curriculum-based topics. Books are also issued on loan to pupils, subject to rules and regulations of the library. The Dewey Decimal Classification has been used for the classification of books. An “Open Access System” is enabled for students to access any book freely.

Foundational stage library

Embark on an enriching experience at the Foundation Section of NIMS, where education transforms into an exciting journey! From KG1 to Grade 2, we cultivate young minds through play-based learning, creating a vibrant atmosphere that nurtures social, emotional, and cognitive development. Our curriculum sparks creativity, ignites communication, and fuels physical growth, laying the thrilling groundwork for a lifetime of successful learning adventures. Join us in fostering curiosity, discovery, and joy at NIMS – where the foundation for a bright future begins.

Happiness Center

The mental health and well-being of our children is our foremost priority. Society and even own families can pose a wide range of challenges on a young mind and could lead to the disruption of their emotional fitness. Children might not know whom and where to consult for their difficulties. We provide counseling sessions through our experts who guide and develop their personalities. We consider it our responsibility to boost the happiness and peace of our students by careful psychological assessment so as to sift out the negativities from their life.


The school runs with a motto of sports for all and it is evidently based on competitive sports. It ultimately teaches discipline and obedience. Aiming at the all-round personality development it makes the students alert and tactful apart from making them mentally and physically fit. Parents’ support and students’ enthusiasm help the school achieve better heights and strides every year in the school records.


We organize Inter school volleyball tournament to enliven the team spirit of the game. The hard work and able guidance of Mr. Nisthar, P E teacher and the coach really lead to visible results. The school team is the winner of many trophies and in 2008 the team was qualified for the National CBSE Volleyball tournament which was held in Haryana, India. Our team won the championship in various competitions conducted in UAE.


We offer vigorous football coaching under the able guidance of Mr. Abdul Rahiman, P.E. teacher. The teams in various levels excel in the game with their spectacular performance. The team won many football matches conducted by Schools and Clubs in Dubai and the other Emirates of UAE.


The basketball team is the winner of many regional and interschool tournaments. Mr. Nisthar, P.E.Teacher displays excellent work to see that every member of the team contributes to the winning track.


The school has also had a well set up cricket team to cater to the sportive spirit of the adolescents.


The clinic is staffed by nurses who assure that the children are safe and protected and are appropriately administered with first aid or emergency care as and when they arise within the school. The clinic is well-equipped according to the Health Authority requirements. In the case of serious accidents, emergency paramedics are arranged and the parents are contacted immediately. The students and staff are given education and awareness on taking good care of their health, hygiene and overall well-being.

School Canteen

The School Canteen serves nutritious and healthy snacks and beverages like fruit salad, sandwiches, etc. It is a well-stocked facility and a strict standard of hygiene is maintained. It functions throughout the school timings.