“My Lord! Increase Me in Knowledge”


Providing quality education committed to realizing UAE national priorities so as to empower our students to lead a successful and fulfilling life as lifelong learners and responsible citizens.


Leading young minds to knowledge through culture of innovation and research in order to unleash the innate power of every child and to facilitate the discovery and realization of the true human in him/her through spiritual and intellectual enlightenment.


Religion– Faith in God and love for humanity.

Excellence– Highest standards in academic achievement and organizational performance.

Integrity– Positive relationships through honesty, respect and compassion which enhance the self-esteem, safety, happiness and well-being of our students, families and staff.

Equity– A congenial learning environment for all students which eliminates any achievement gap.

Citizenship– Global citizenship and universal brotherhood.

Our Philosophy– Enrich knowledge through all sources.


“Education is a fundamental element for the development of a nation and the best investment in its youth.”- UAE Vision 2021

In 2014, H.H. Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and the ruler of Dubai, launched the UAE National Agenda as an extension to achieve the UAE Vision 2021 in time for the UAE Golden Jubilee celebration. The UAE National Agenda covers the sectors of education, health, economy, police, housing, infrastructure and government services. Education is a particularly important focus of the UAE National Agenda as it includes eight objectives that should lead the UAE to being among the most successful countries in providing world-class education. These objectives target important areas in education related to students, teachers, and school leaders.

PISA– To be among the 20 highest performing countries in PISA.

Completion of high school education– To ensure that 90% of Emirati students complete their high school education.

High skills in Arabic language– To ensure that 90% of Grade 9 students develop high skills in Arabic language in the UAE NAP assessment.

Highly effective school leadership– To ensure that 100% of public schools have highly effective school leadership.

TIMSS– To be among the 15 highest performing countries in TIMSS.

Attending pre-primary– To ensure that 95% of children in the UAE attend pre-primary education.

Highly-qualified teachers– To ensure that 100% of schools have highly-qualified teachers.

University foundation programme– To ensure that no students need to join the university foundation programme.

By working towards these objectives, school leaders will take actions to make their schools high-performing educational institutions in the UAE where students achieve similarly to those in the best educational systems in the world. Only when school leaders embrace the UAE National Agenda targets will the UAE make future improvements, eventually celebrating in 2021 by being among countries that provide world-class education.