12-year-old with a mobile app, making Wonder in finger tips.

12-year-old with a mobile app, making Wonder in fingertips.

Mohammed Jazib, the son of Noorjahan & Abdul Raheem, a Dubai based businessman from Mogral Puthur, Kasaragod, the northern part of Kerala, is the owner of this rare achievement. He is a 7th grader in New Indian model school, Dubai.
Jazib has created a Notes app that will benefit anyone and everyone. This app has various features that are different from other note apps.
Few of them are as follows:
*My personal Documents*
In this folder, you will be able to save all your personal documents like passport, ID card, Visa, bank card etc. including their true copy and set reminder to receive expiration notification. This folder is perfectly secure as it is pattern protected.
*My Monthly bills*
This folder is unique in that it receives notifications on the same date of every month if we set a reminder once for the nearest due date. This helps to avoid having to pay the fine and face disconnection proceedings for our electricity, telephone, water connection, bank loan, etc. as we often do not remember the exact date.
*My Navigations*
If we copy and paste the navigation links we want (copied from WhatsApp, email or Google search) and place them in this folder with the name of the person or place, Google Maps will redirect us to that location as soon as we click on the link.
*My Weblinks*
We can save the websites, YouTube links and other web links we need in this folder along with a name or hint. It has the facility to go directly to the site at a click on the link.
From a very young age, Jazib was fascinated by electronic devices and wanted to make an app that would be useful for everyone during this Covid-19 lockdown. That was when the idea for this all-in-one app was born. The app was designed after five months of hard work.
Coding, designing, Compiling and uploading is all done by this little genius alone.
In the Play Store Productivity category, Me Notes App has ranked seventh in trending within just a few days.
Although there are many note apps available, It is rare that so many features are available in one app for free.
At the moment, this app is available on Google Play Store. Jazib says it will be launched on App Store soon.
Please click the link below to download the app.
He also created a website to promote his app. www.menotesapp.com