How the Best Schools in Dubai are trying to overcome these pandemic times.

Parents, students, teachers are all worried about how it going to be from now on, 

Is the current online education the new norm?

Is this going to be permanent?  How do we overcome this issue and give proper education to our children? 

These are the questions that need answers and we are here to help you. Even the best schools in Dubai are facing heavy challenges with online education and having difficulty coping with the current situation especially with the limited resources available to them. As one of the best schools in Dubai, we will try to answer some of these questions. 

The answer to the first question is, Yes this the new norm we need to get accustomed to it at least for a while because education is vital for your children and they are the most vulnerable to this virus, so we must do everything that is possible to protect and ensure a healthy environment for them to learn, and the safest place is the safety of their homes.

This is WHO’s exact words on the matter  “In some places, as cases of COVID19 is going down, some control measures are being lifted. But this doesn’t mean we should go back to the ‘old normal’. If we don’t stay vigilant and protect ourselves and others, coronavirus cases may go up again and affect us.​”

So what can you do? As one of the best schools in Dubai, we use a software called Benchmark learning that enables us to completely teach the children online and provide them with the best conditions to study online in an interactive manner and even take exams at the safety at your homes using the technology provided by benchmark learning.

Being proactive and evolving our strategies according to change is something our organisation always focuses on and we believe we have accomplished that during this pandemic. Every child deserves a good education in the safety of their home and that is what The Oxford School Dubai has done.