The theme for World Health Day 2021 is ‘Building a fairer, healthier world’. Stating that our world is unequal, WHO said that the COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted how some people can have better access to health services and live healthier lives than others. We as teachers need to review the importance of living a healthy lifestyle and inculcate those values in our students. Its great day for students to get out of their seats and get their blood pumping or enjoy some much need meditation to help with their anxiety. We, at New Indian Model School Dubai conducted various activities in the class room on the same day such as making posters, find out idioms & phrases related to health and fitness, slogan writing and poem writing. Besides, kids were taught about the healthy habits to follow and how to stay fit by taking a balanced diet. All the activities were carried out in a planned manner and proved to be a great
platform for kids to learn how to live health. To Download Pdf