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UAE National Day Celebration
UAE National Day Celebration


Monthly Activity of NIMS Dubai for Class 3 & 4
Monthly Activity of NIMS Dubai for Class 3 & 4


Annual Day Celebration
Annual Day Celebration of Dubai NIMS School


GRADE 1 Monthly News Letter
GRADE 1 Monthly News Letter


Annual Day Programmes – 2014

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Earth Day Celebration

The Earth Day was celebrated by the students of Primary on 22nd April, 2014 with a special assembly. The theme for the day was ‘Plant a tree for a Better Future.’ The aim of this activity was to bring children closer to nature and show them that planting trees is not a tough task. It also helped them to establish an understanding of their environment and their responsibility for taking care of it. The boys section had a CARD MAKING competition on the day .They made beautiful cards on which great messages to save the earth were written.


Mothers Day Celebration

The Mother’s Day was celebrated with lot of enthusiasm in the section on 11th May, 2014. It was a celebration to honor mothers and motherhood, the unconditional love of mothers and their influence in their children. To inculcate this special feeling in our students, various activities were conducted for the mother and the child on this day.

Ms. Abrar, the Nutritionist from Dubai Health Care was The Special Guest for the function.The boys had conveyed heir love to their mothers by having a Creative writing on the topic ‘MY MOTHER’. The students of Grade 2 conducted a special assembly presenting the importance of mother in everyone’s life. The students had presented a skit as a dedication to those teachers who are missing their mothers. It was really a flashback and touched the hearts of many.


Environmental Day Celebration

GO GREEN – Grade 3 & 4 boys and girls had come forward with a creative activity to up hold the message of the World Environmental Day.It was the Aluminum Can Collection Contest conducted in collaboration with the Emirates Environmental Group. The contest helped the students to gain knowledge about the importance of recycling and keeping our environment clean. The section has taken this initiative to promote the “Go Green” campaign followed in school. The students participated in this scheme by collecting aluminum cans. Winners were awarded with certificates. Grade 1 & 2 put forward a beautiful skit which included all of the environmental problems that have exist far-reaching implications for the health of our planet and its inhabitants. The assembly was ended with a message that our entire life support system is dependent on the well-being of all of the species living on earth.


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